No ads. Huzzah!

When we set out in early 2017 to build a social networking platform tailored to privacy advocates, one thing remained in question. Monetisation. 

Servers cost money. Mulling over the idea of banner ads, it quickly became apparent that way of monetisation is a legacy model. Not to mention, absolutely annoying!

On top of potentially serving our users with annoying ads came another problem; tracking. Ad services such as Google AdSense serves ads based on their intrusive methodology for delivering highly-targeted ads. We couldn't justify the privacy implications.

We had zero intention of forcing CPU mining in the days of CoinHive. Sure, it would have allowed for an ad-less platform. But, at the cost of our user's experience and the performance of our site.

This is why we ultimately decided to make our platform 100% ad-free and privacy-focused.

To remain privacy-focused and user-first we must rely on your generosity. There are a few ways to support RAWR. You can upgrade your account with a premium package, which gives you additional benefits beyond helping us out.

If you're a Brave browser user, you can easily and automagically donate BAT to us just by visiting our site if you're enrolled in auto-contribute. You can read more about Brave Rewards here.

Alternatively, you can send us Bitcoin or supported altcoin:


To those who have donated, we humbly thank you!